About Me

Mara Latorre is a mixture of stubbornness, grit, and passion. Her passions have particularly revolved around the intermingling arenas of Creativity, Food, and Community-Building. After earning her Master’s Degree in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of South Florida, she entered the public sector as a Municipal City Planner.

After experiencing burn-out and career misalignment, she listened to her inner voice, and left the field, in order to rebrand. She is now pursuing the tumultuous, yet rewarding fields of ESOL Education and Blogging. Latorre is the director of The Funky Spork, an online platform that centers on the creation of budget-friendly recipes and the promotion of local food systems education. Through this pursuit, she has begun to channel her passions, find her voice, and has gradually gained a revised sense of inner peace. She believes that in the end, a good quality of life and authenticity trump corporate burnout.